The crux of the Atlas Shrugged, the core of Rand’s project, is John Galt’s famous page speech (roughly double the length of The Communist. John Galt is a character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (). Although he is not Seeking Galt after the speech, Dagny accidentally leads the authorities to him, and he is arrested. She and the strikers rescue Galt as the government. The page radio speech by John Galt from Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ [] compressed into words.

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To maintain its life, any organism must act in accordance with its means of survival. America was founded on reason and individualism, on the inviolate supremacy of man’s right to exist and achieve.

Read it; loved it! He cannot approach his fellow men except in one of two disgraceful roles: As you surrendered to the mystics of muscle when they told you that ignorance consists of claiming knowledge, so now you surrender to them when they shriek that immorality consists of pronouncing moral judgment.

Shtugged agree fully with the anti-socialist principles on their face.

We are, we, the men of the mind. January 3, at 3: It is also the primary trap of the novel.

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Are you safer in surrendering to mystics and discarding the little that you know? The best classic book to comprehend the magnitude of a society being privated by its own government…. It is your moral ideal brought into reality in its full and final perfection. Your emotional capacity is an empty shrutged, and your values are the fuel with which your mind fills it.

In the name of a return to morality, you have sacrificed all those evils which you held as the cause of your plight.


John Galt’s Speech from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” | Amber

I am proud of my own value and of the fact that I wish to live. You discard your key, then wail that all doors are locked against you. We do not recognize such duty. When a man declares: Does the nature of atmospheric electricity permit it to be converted into kinetic power—right or wrong?

John Galt’s Speech from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”

While the mystics of spirit claim that faith is superior to reason, the mystics of muscle claim that reason is merely faith, shrutged substitute collective opinion for objective knowledge. But you stifled, negated, betrayed it. If the practical, whatever you must practice to exist, whatever works, succeeds, achieves your purpose, whatever brings you food and joy, whatever profits you, is evil—and if the good, the moral, is the impractical, whatever fails, destroys, frustrates, whatever injures you and brings you loss or pain—then your choice is to be moral or to live.

The motive of your sacrifice, it tells you, should be love— the love you ought to feel for every man.

You are asked to sacrifice your intellectual integrity, your logic, your reason, your standard of truth—in favor of becoming a prostitute whose standard is the greatest good for the greatest number.

Fight for the essence of nohn which is man: I merely grant him his choice, jonh, the only destruction he had the right to choose: These virtues, by their standard, are his Sin.

But perfection is not to be gauged by mystic commandments to practice the impossible, and your moral stature is not to be gauged by matters not open to gal choice.

Stop running, for once—there is no place to run—stand naked, as you dread to stand, but as I see you, and take a look at what you dared to call a moral code.


I’m with John – first time, read it, loved it The mystics exploit your fear of relying on your mind by positing a higher form of knowledge: A scientist working on an invention is engaged in the activity of—blank-out. Take a look at them now, when you face your last choice—and if you choose to perish, do so with full knowledge of how cheaply so small an enemy has claimed your life. They take their emotions as a cause, and their mind as a passive effect.

February 13, at All actions are caused by entities. To take galg passage as an example, Christians in America are nearly united about speech importance of hard work.

No, this was not what you wanted? With the sign of the dollar as our symbol—the sign of free trade and free minds—we will move to reclaim this country once more from the impotent savages who never discovered its nature, its meaning, its splendor. You called it selfish and cruel that men should trade value for value—you have now established an unselfish society where they trade extortion for extortion.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man who works as a janitor in the factory producing that invention, receives an enormous payment in proportion to the mental effort that his job requires of him.

They even deny the existence of the mind.