6 Nov (Discourse on loving-kindness – Suttanta pitaka Kuddaka Nikaya .. Tiểu kinh Nghiệp phân biệt (cùlakammavibhanga sutta) song ngữ. Page 4 Read Kinh Hạnh con chó (Kukkuravatika sutta) from the story Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya by tamthanhluongg (Cẩu Độc Thân) with 3 reads. This Sutta Study Guide is based on the DIGHA NIKAYA, translated by Maurice Walshe, published by Kinh Sa-môn quả), that is the Vietnamese version.

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Thanissaro Bhikkhu trans also on AtI.


What the Buddha Thought, Chapter 6: Dark evil kamma does not give a bright happy result, nor does bright beneficial kamma lead to dark miserable result. Piya Tan on DN 4: U Silananda — a kinh nikaya. See also no translator given. See also Narada Thera translation: In this sutta the Buddha classifies kamma into four groups: For this wanderer Suppiya spoke in kih ways in dispraise of the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha, while his own pupil, the youth Brahmadatta, spoke in many ways in their praise.

Now reread DN 2: Then the Blessed One told Punna, son of the Koliyans and an kihn ascetic: A thorough and insightful guide to this deceptively simple yet profound teaching.

Sutta Study with Ajahn Brahm https: The verse at the end of this tale is an important early description of non-duality. Thena son of the Koliyans and an ox-duty ascetic, and also a naked dog duty ascetic, went to the Blessed One, and Punna the ox duty ascetic paid homage to the Blessed One and sat down at one side, while Seniya the naked dog-duty ascetic exchanged greetings with the Blessed One, and when the courteous and amiable talk was finished, he too sat down at one side curled up like a dog.


Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya

Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies,No 9. Ayya Khema, Visible Here and Now http: Thus have I heard. Ayya Khema, Visible Here and Now.

This will be easy reading after all the nikay Suttas. Alexander Duncan on DN 6: Finally, he takes up the question whether mindfulness can legitimately be extracted from its traditional context and employed for secular purposes.

There are many other sections that reappear in most of the Suttas. This is Ayya Khema’s modern commentary on DN 9.

It’s important to note that in this sutta, the Buddha is using “the Realm of Brahma” as a metaphor for Nibbana – a point missed by the mainstream Theravadan tradition as well as by early translators.

Each chapter is divided into several groups called the Vagga often have ten texts. Bhikkhu Bodhi on DN Articles 2 in PDF: So, Punna, if his dog duty is perfected, it will lead him to the company of dogs; if it is not, it will lead him to hell.

DhammaWheel on DN Notice the discussion on Not-Self that occurs in the last half kimh this Sutta. DN10 Preparing the body and mind for awakening: When Punna the ox-duty ascetic sat down, he asked the Blessed One: Alexander Duncan on DN 5: The first 6 sections of DN 24 appear to be a coherent sutta on its own.


Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya – Kinh Hạnh con chó (Kukkuravatika sutta) – Page 4 – Wattpad

Venerable Dr Mettanando Bhikkhu. Discussion from Dhamma Wheel https: But the Buddha says all intentional actions, whether thoughts, speech or bodily actions, however expressed, are kamma and mikaya the doer of them to experience a result sooner or later. You might also read Four Foundations of Mindfulness http: And its setting, with King Ajatasattu asking the Buddha to point out any “fruits of leading a spiritual life that are visible here and now”, makes a wonderful story as well as showing the Buddha’s marvelous powers nikxya teaching.

In this sutta we meet some people who believed that by imitating animals they would be saved. Ayya Khema’s modern commentary on DN 9. Net of Brahma a chart for DN 1.

Table of Contents only. Do not ask me that. Includes DN ‘s in his order: Division Two – The Great Division.

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