15 Ene La seducción de Elliot McBride – Ebook written by Jennifer Ashley. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS. PROPERLY IMPROPER AND DARING TO LOVE Juliana St. John was raised to be very proper. After a long engagement, her wedding day dawns—only for. La seducción de Elliot McBride. Mackenzies/McBrides (Series). Jennifer Ashley Author (). cover image of La esposa perfecta para el duque.

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Elliot McBrideJuliana St. Immediately after, Elliot takes Juliana to his newly purchased, remote, ramshackle castle. This series is great.

I liked that about him. AND it seems the only person to help him cope is the lovely Juliana. Jun 17, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: It’s insta-love for both Elliot and Juliana, who never forgot about him in all the years he was away. Luckily, I borrowed it from the library. Remember that little girl I mentioned? Elliot agrees to step in and become her groom, one is as good as the other right? He needs trust and people he knows around him.

Elliot though had a plan, so it’s all good.

The Seduction of Elliot McBride

For some reason that didn’t work for me here, I just couldn’t see that love they had instantly, and the fact that they view spoiler [weren’t together or anything before Elliot went to india, but the love he had for Juliana had kept him sane hide spoiler ].

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I don’t know how Jennifer Ashley and Courtney Milan can write such wonderfully damaged heroes and have us love them like we do, but I hope they continue.

The deed is done and Elliot whisks her away to an isolated, broken down castle that he has purchased from his Uncle. It’s also quite ridiculous that after not having seen or contacted Juliana in the many years they were apart, Elliot wakes up and realizes what she means to him. And love them all, I do. Mcbgide to the next one very soon. Juliana St John was raised swduccion be the perfect wife and hostess to a proper gentleman.


The Seduction Of Elliot McBride

Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed another Jennifer Ashley book! That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy your story.

This is the story of Ainsley Mackenzie’s brother; Elliot McBride, who had been captured and totured in India and then escaped. Readers will love this action packed, romantic story.

So, he showed up to stop it though I don’t know how he could stop a wedding when he was fast asleep in a pew outside the main church. Quotes from The Seduction of Juliana knew the boy that Elliot had been, could see the man he had become, but knew the man he had the potential to be — a mix of the two — if only he could put the horrific events of the past behind him.

Although the sex scenes……. It had romance, mystery and suspense. Its s good romance with strong characters. Especially Elliot he was like an animal wanting the sexual healing all the time. And Juliana embarked upon a journey to restore his sanity as well as his heart. After being jilted at the altar by her intended grom, the very proper and strait laiced Juliana makes a proposition to the man she has loved since she was sixteen but never expected to marry, oa very mad Elliot McBride.

Elliot agrees without thinking, he’s always loved Juliana, and actually came to the wedding to stop it: Though beautiful and spirited, Juliana wonders if that will be enough to win a second chance at love.

Will Juliana and Elliot have a happy marriage or is the man she married as crazy as everyone says?

La seducción de Elliot McBride by Jennifer Ashley on Apple Books

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The couple has their work cut out for them, not only with the castle but with the trauma that is keeping Elliot from being a whole man. Poor Elliot the tortured hero.


She en Review completed January 6, 3. I already said above that I wished they had fallen in love in the book, and not before it, I just had that something missing while reading it, but no matter, they were still a great couple: I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It is truly a terrific book and one that will please Ashley’s fans and all who love a supremely good historical romance. He was horribly abused while held prisoner in Afghanistan. Our hero suffers from blackouts.

The Seduction Of Elliot McBride by Jennifer Ashley

So, Annie, you tempted and teased me with this book until I was forced to read it and find out what you were swooning about!

This is elliof Elliot McBride, he mmcbride a tortured and badly damaged man having been held prisoner while in the military. After one sweet kiss with Juliana at the age of 18, Elliot left Scotland seduccuon his regiment for India and, now, at around age 30 is finally back, having survived his time in the military, subsequent years as a plantation owner, and brutal capture and torture by Afghani tribesmen who held him prisoner for almost a year.

She was the one bright spot that dragged him back from the depths. Aug 11, Tracy rated it really liked it. I loved dr dark and uncontrollable he was, but that he also had something that grounded him. This was my idea of a true love story and I look forward to more stories of the Mackenzie family in the future. Seriously, I think the assassins had some justification.

Juliana and Elliot begin talking a Once again I have thoroughly enjoyed another Jennifer Ashley book!