12 Nov This gripping debut novel, previously published by the author as an e-book, explores school bullying and power dynamics from perspectives at. Sixth-grader Eric is designated the Grunt by the holders of The Bully Book. He tries to find the book so he can change himself so that people will stop picking. 10 Oct Eric’s quest to uncover the Bully Book is genuinely suspenseful. The juxtaposition of Eric’s journal against the Bully Book allows readers to see.

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I do however started to like and cheer for Eric. Refresh and try again. Feb 12, evelina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Year Year Would it let some of the air out of those bullies, to have their secrets and billy motivations read out loud from the printed page?

Whitner the complete truth. When I finished Wonder I was blown away by such a powerful ending that showed how bullies never win and I was just speechless.

The Bully Book – Eric Kahn Gale – Hardcover

In other news, this is the book that, out of necessity, made me give eBooks a try. Apr 01, Kelly and the Book Boar bbully it liked it Shelves: I got this book expecting to breeze through it with a few laughs and a warm fuzzy feeling at the end, but I learned a few things about the psychology of bullying. And especially important for parents to discuss with their children.

My second, The Zoo at the Edge of the World, is a bullj prompted by my lifelong obsession with animals. Mar 27, Terri rated it really liked it. There’re lots of bullies an Wow. First released as an ebook and promoted by Team StarKid, it as buoly can see by my tumblr post beloweventually made its way to me as a physical copy.


It will open your eyes to things you never knew before. There is only one other MG novel that had me this excited and that was A Monster Calls reic obvious reasons.

And I am really glad that in the end he was able to stand up and do something. It’s really easy to get into, and the conclusion is, if not new, but really something we and not only kids should keep in mind – that is, you’d better figure out for yourself who you are before letting the world define you.

The Bully Book, By Eric Kahn Gale: HarperCollins Children’s Books

The billy of the Bully Book inflames Eric and sets him on a quest to find the book and discover why he was chosen as this year’s “Grunt,” the victim whose pain is necessary for the keeper to achieve his power goal and control the class.

Has there actually really been The Book? The Bullying Book was an amazing read that took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And stop calling people gay. But then I grew up to be a beautiful runway model, rolling in the green stuff and they did not. Feb 23, Shirley rated it really liked it Shelves: Like Eric, I was victim of two books back in my day.

This is a way of letting everyone all over the world that bullying needs to STOP. Boom thing is it was so well written that it drew me in as a story, I’m glad I kept going. Where do you fit in? I have to thank my daughter, the librarian for the recommendation. Except this year’s Grunt, Eric Haskins, isn’t giving up to the bullies–he’s trying to find more about them to stop them.


The broadest selection of online bookstores. The path of answers leads Eric to startling revelations to just how much of an impact the Bully Book is on past, present, and future students. Really sad that the principal, the author of the book, can just be a principal.

The Bully Book

That books just freakin’ rips your heart out. I was captivated from the very first journal entry, and it lasted until the very last page. Even his best friend since first grade turns on him. Never once did an adult take an interest in him. December 26th, Publisher: Along the way Eric discovers former keepers and former Grunts and realizes that he must break the mold or else his new loser image will follow him for years.

Eric is desperate to find out why he was picked to be the Grunt. He essentially discovers that he has been labeled “The Grunt” of his grade and proceeds to become the victim of bullying even by a boy who was once considered his best friend.